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Turning Points

My nephew is 12 and everything he writes (E-Mails, Messages,…) ends with three exclamation marks. It got me into thinking that this behaviour on a grander scale is significant with the way we grow up.

  • When you are young, everything is new, exciting and you take things as they are, no matter how wrong they turn out later - everything seems to be !!!
  • When you get a bit older your knowledge grows and with it, your questions - its starts to get !?!?
  • Then you start to realize, as everything becomes a remix of bits and pieces your already experienced. You start seeing the scale of the world and the life your are living. Suddenly, just as you should have all the answers, everything turns into questions - leaving you with just ???
  • Slowly curiosity starts drying out, partly replaced by acceptance, monotomy, deafeat or ambivalence - slowly but gradually ??? transforms to ?? and then to ? and leaves you finally with .
  • And the . becomes dominating, somtimes even a … takes its place, but mostly its just a boring .
  • I don’t know what happens then. I don’t see a cycle or a loop. Some successfully turn their . into ! and even manage to create new ? or turn ? into ! or even !! or !!!

Maybe thats what being a successful adult means, finding the balance between your symbols. I hope my nephew can keep it up with the ! as long as he can, because the ? and the . come early enough.

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